Dark Lieutenants (Pt. 1)

This model represents a Chaos Sorcerer… Is exactly not what I want to say when I introduce you to Ophion Hellscream, possessed sorcerer of the Word Bearers Legion. As with most of my minis, (especially the characters) he’s heavily converted from a variety of different kits. The legs, clawed feet and right arm are all from the Chaos Raptors box, the left arm and winged backpack are from the possessed kit, the torso is from Forge World’s Word Bearers upgrade pack, the sword is of course from Dark vengeance, and the head was taken mercilessly from the Blood Angels upgrade kit (HERESY!).

Sorcerer (1 of 3)
The icon on the knee is a piece of Word Bearers etched brass from Forge World.

Overall I think it pulls together to make quite a dramatic model – fitting considering his elevated (hehe) status among the other warrior-brothers in my army. I’ll go into his own backstory at a later date but for now know that his psychic ability was only latent before his merging with an as yet unnamed warp entity, and this lack of true control puts him firmly in the ‘pawn’ status as far as the leaders of the host (and the gods) are concerned.

Sorcerer (2 of 3)
I also used a loincloth from the Terminator Lord kit, and a pair of Kroot knives.

On the tabletop Ophion is a very useful asset, a force multiplier if you will, and the choice of powers available in the Dark Hereticus discipline are pretty tasty. I run him with a force sword (obviously) and a jump pack, which keeps the cost low and the mobility high, so he can be where the dark powers need him to be at all times. His mark is a tricky topic, as I originally intended him to be Tzeentchian but with the finished model in front of me I feel as though he could also pass as Slaaneshi. Both associated powers are good – Weaver of Fates adds +1 to a unit’s invulnerable save (or bestows a 5+), and Delightful Agonies gives a 5+ FNP. There’s also Warptime for deep strike+move shenanigans, Prescience for the +1 hit rolls and the ubiquitous Smite to consider.

Strategy wise I can deploy him in deep strike reserve and bring him on with terminators, obliterators, raptors or warp talons depending on my army list, to give them relevant buffs or just kill stuff.

Sorcerer (3 of 3)
Chaos, is the only true answer.

Tomorrow’s post will feature the second of my Dark Lieutenants!

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