Walk softly, and carry a big gun!

I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty excited to show off my newest unit, and they aren’t even finished yet! Chaos Havocs – the heretic equivalent of Devastators, carrying some of the heaviest weapons in my force.

I’ve chosen to give them all Autocannons, the generalist option, which allows them to shred infantry or put a dent in vehicles depending on what I need blasting. The new wound chart has actually reduced the effectiveness of the Autocannon, as previously S7 would wound a space marine (T4) on a 2+. Now the Strength of the weapon must be double the targets toughness to enjoy the 2+ wound roll, so it’s downgraded to a 3+ wound between editions. This can be alleviated with the ‘Veterans of the Long War’ stratagem however, which for 1 command point adds 1 to a unit’s wound rolls for the turn (perfect for decisive shots).

Havocs (1 of 11)

As always, I’ve converted these guys substantially from basic chaos marines (although it’s unavoidable due to the lack of good official havoc models) and tried to make each one his own character. They’re tied together as one unit by the distinctive Autocannon barrels, and the similar loincloths that each marine wears (the latter being a common theme for my whole army).

The champion is intentionally a fairly simple model, with a mutated claw arm as a sure sign of the gods favour, and various cloths that I can cover in scripture when he’s painted. He was also the first to receive a brass etch shoulder icon, which I think looks good (if a little large). The rest of his squad will get them as the last part of assembly.

The first Havoc I built using mostly Mk IV armour, as if he had intentionally tried to assemble a correct set, and his weapon is by far the closest to a loyalist’s as you can get for Chaos (I made it using a Mk IV Heavy Bolter in case you’re wondering). There’s even a targeting display that I like to imagine flickers periodically to show daemonic faces and terrifying images as a result of the warp’s influence!

The second is what I guess I would describe as the most ‘Word Bearer-y’, the flaming brazier on his back showing a blatant disregard for the enemy’s return fire (his squad mates must love him!), and the assorted parchments filled with the words of Lorgar proclaiming his faith to anyone who dares to read them. The Autocannon box magazine was a third party bit from Anvil Industry, which was easier to use than Forge World’s ammo feeds that came with the guns.

The next is probably the closest you can get to a possessed Havoc – there’s clearly a daemonic entity bound within his weapon and he certainly isn’t lacking in mutations himself! The head comes from the possessed kit, with added horns from a regular Chaos Space Marine head. The backpack and one of the shoulder pads are also possessed bitz, and the fleshy parts on his Autocannon actually come from the Chaos Spawn set. He still needs some green stuff work I think, to smooth over the irregular joins on his head and gun, and to add more subtle mutations!

The final Havoc symbolises the defensive nature of the unit, ’cause he’s built like a tank! It’s hard to see in the photos (sorry) but his barrel is slightly shorter than the ones of his comrades, and I think this stubby look makes him look more solid and immovable. The slightly larger shoulder pad from the Raptors kit augments the sturdy image and to top it off I styled his Autocannon with a snarling maw from the vehicle upgrade sprue. You might have noticed that he also got the dreaded Forge World ammo feed, which despite looking awesome was a pain in the butt to assemble! (lots of heating and bending)

As I mentioned, some of these dudes need a little green stuff, and I still have to glue on the shoulder icons, but I thought sharing them now would be a good idea anyway.

Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading!

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