Skulls for the Skull Throne!


I’m back after two whole weeks of no posts – first of all sorry for the short hiatus, but I can’t work quick enough to upload something new every other day like when I started this blog. Hopefully a post every other week should set a good pace, so I can cope when life takes priority over games!

Anyway, what have I been working on? The answer, in case it wasn’t given away by the unoriginal title, is Khornate in nature – specifically Bloodletters.

Bloodletters (1 of 6)
There’s only 8 here as the other two aren’t built yet (but it is Khorne’s sacred number).

There they are; and as you might have noticed they’re sporting some new poses! The poses were done via pinning, and I might post up a more detailed tutorial on how I did that when I get round to building the final two members of the unit. There aren’t many other ways to customise units like this and I think it adds a lot of character to them. The Bloodreaper also got some extra details, a chain bracelet and a human skull to carry to be exact, which helps him stand out from the crowd – and it will be a crowd, as I plan to (eventually) get another box for a 20 strong daemon squad.

The models themselves are a little gappy however, which isn’t helped by my reposing, so I’ll need to use green stuff to fill them before painting. They also aren’t glued to their bases yet (which came from Secret Weapon Miniatures by the way) because despite looking really cool and full of skulls, they’re not particularly flat. My solution is to selectively fill the recessed areas with one of the Citadel basing paints, which should make them level enough.

Sadly Bloodletters are a very niche unit as far as lesser daemons go, they deal with armoured infantry very well with their base Strength of 5 on the charge (6 with a nearby herald!) and AP -3 Hellblades, but their lack of extra attacks and low resiliency mean that if they fail to slaughter their way through the majority of their victims, they can get hurt pretty badly. On the bright side they don’t have to walk across the table ’cause my Word Bearers would love to summon these guys in – getting them straight into the fight!

As I mentioned I might post a method for reposing models like this soon, but for now that’s it, thanks for reading!