Calling the Flock

Today’s post is a little different to my usual style; with it being Halloween I’ve decided to showcase some of the more disturbing models in my collection, alongside an extract from Dark Apostle – a particularly good Word Bearers novel – involving the grisly results of a summoning ritual. Enjoy!

“…With a final barked stream of daemonic words, Marduk pushed Karalos away from him. The man stood for a moment twitching, blood streaming from his eyes, before he fell to the ground, writhing and convulsing. A flickering blur seemed to overlap the thrashing figure, flashing between the body of a mortal man and the insubstantial form of something distinctly other. His tongue bulged from his mouth and he arched his back unnaturally, before breaking into severe muscle contractions that threw his body across the floor. Bones broke under his exertions and his spine twisted horribly, tendons and sinews tearing and ripping.”

“…The man’s flickering flesh bulged unnaturally, as if things held within were trying to burst free, and he scratched frantically at the skin of his face, ripping bloody rents. The bones of his fingers lengthened and pushed through the skin of his fingertips, curving out into sharp talons, and he ripped at his skin and clothes, tearing them off in bloody strips. He rolled over and over on the ground, ripping and tearing at his flesh frenziedly, every muscle of his body straining. Blood vessels bulged on his neck and at his temples, and he lacerated his skin with his long talons as he continued to spasm and convulse soundlessly.”

“…His teeth lengthened into fine points and he bit into his own shoulder, ripping off chunks of meat. Marduk smiled and crossed his arms over his chest. The thing that had been Karalos entered even more frantic convulsions, ripping and tearing at its flesh, until it finally went still. It lay for a moment, bloody and broken, before it picked itself up from the ground and crouched, its skinless face turned towards the First Acolyte, staring at him with eyeless, bloody sockets. Almost its entire bloodied musculature was displayed, and only patches of raw, red skin clung to its frame.”

“…The hazy flickering still overlapped the creature, blurring its image slightly and hurting the eye. An extra, backwards bending joint had formed in the lower leg of the daemon creature, in the manner of a bird, and long talons emerged from its toes. With a sickening, wet cracking sound, a pair of long skeletal wings unfolded from the monster’s back, sheets of bloody skin hanging limply between the bloody bones. Opening its sharp-toothed, lipless maw wide, the daemon creature hissed hollowly at Marduk, like some newly hatched chick crying to its mother for food. He smiled broadly, the flickering candlelight glinting in his eyes.”

Kathartes (1 of 4)

That’s all I think I need to share. I hope you enjoyed reading, and seeing the miniatures I’ve made to represent these terrifying creatures! Until next time…

Happy Halloween!

Skulls for the Skull Throne!


I’m back after two whole weeks of no posts – first of all sorry for the short hiatus, but I can’t work quick enough to upload something new every other day like when I started this blog. Hopefully a post every other week should set a good pace, so I can cope when life takes priority over games!

Anyway, what have I been working on? The answer, in case it wasn’t given away by the unoriginal title, is Khornate in nature – specifically Bloodletters.

Bloodletters (1 of 6)
There’s only 8 here as the other two aren’t built yet (but it is Khorne’s sacred number).

There they are; and as you might have noticed they’re sporting some new poses! The poses were done via pinning, and I might post up a more detailed tutorial on how I did that when I get round to building the final two members of the unit. There aren’t many other ways to customise units like this and I think it adds a lot of character to them. The Bloodreaper also got some extra details, a chain bracelet and a human skull to carry to be exact, which helps him stand out from the crowd – and it will be a crowd, as I plan to (eventually) get another box for a 20 strong daemon squad.

The models themselves are a little gappy however, which isn’t helped by my reposing, so I’ll need to use green stuff to fill them before painting. They also aren’t glued to their bases yet (which came from Secret Weapon Miniatures by the way) because despite looking really cool and full of skulls, they’re not particularly flat. My solution is to selectively fill the recessed areas with one of the Citadel basing paints, which should make them level enough.

Sadly Bloodletters are a very niche unit as far as lesser daemons go, they deal with armoured infantry very well with their base Strength of 5 on the charge (6 with a nearby herald!) and AP -3 Hellblades, but their lack of extra attacks and low resiliency mean that if they fail to slaughter their way through the majority of their victims, they can get hurt pretty badly. On the bright side they don’t have to walk across the table ’cause my Word Bearers would love to summon these guys in – getting them straight into the fight!

As I mentioned I might post a method for reposing models like this soon, but for now that’s it, thanks for reading!

Herald of the Apocalypse

So far awaaay we wait for the daayaay… I love this picture

Any self-respecting bearer of the word should have at least some daemons in their collection; at least that’s how I justified picking up a box of Bloodletters and a single plastic Bloodcrusher Champion off eBay! Bloodcrushers have a minimum unit size of 2 however, so my aim was to convert myself a Khornate Herald to lead a daemon Patrol detatchment (for the purpose of being summoned into battle by my chaos marines).

Choosing the Herald on Juggernaut over a Herald on foot is a no-brainer in my opinion, boasting an extra 2″ movement, +1 Toughness, +1 Wound, a 4+ Save AND the 3 extra Juggernaut attacks, for only 44 more points or 2 PL! He’s a great force multiplier for fellow daemons of the red variety as well, giving those nearby +1 Strength (of course this benefits himself too being an aura), and in small point games I can see him being pretty tough to take down.

The model for a Herald on Juggernaut by GW is in Finecast, soo naturally I decided making my own would be a better idea. I took inspiration for this conversion from the above image which I first saw on White Dwarf 368 (all the way back in August 2010!) and I think I managed to pull off the pose pretty well considering the lack of bitz. I also added armour plates sawed out from the AoS Wrathmongers kit, which I bought a while back purely for the bitz, and an icon in between his horns. The final detail – which was by far the fiddliest detail I’ve ever added to a model – was several pieces of jeweller’s chain to ‘hold’ the armour in place.

Now all that’s left is to fill the gaps made for the pose with green stuff, and attach his shoulder pad before I can start painting! In the small gallery below you’ll see several stages in the conversion and a dry-fit of the (semi) finished model, held together with friction and blu-tack. Enjoy!